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Stock Screening and Charting Software

You will find many stock screening and stock charting tools on the web but there are none that can match the flexibility, speed, and power of Chartsmart. Along with our preset screens, you can create your own custom screens by combining fundamental (ie. Balance Sheet & Income Statement data) and technical screening criteria (ie MACD crossovers, price breakouts). For example, in seconds screen out cash rich, high revenue growth stocks, trading at year lows, and breaking into uptrends. You can then scroll through the selected charts, saving the ones you like to your personal watch lists. This video on screening dividends and EPS is just a small sample of how Chartsmart screens work. Chartsmart installs on your PC so screening is FAST! Chartsmart keeps your data private because you only use the internet for a few seconds to download your end-of-day data updates. Chartsmart will do stock screens that are virtually unimaginable. Create amazing charts from its database of over 12,000 US and CDN securities. Chartsmart is a proven product used by investors for over 25 years! Expect prompt answers to your emails at Begin your 30 day free trial now and download Chartsmart. No payment is required. It is free to try. If you need help email us and we can even do a remote session with you and install it remotely for you. A technician can even give you a brief personal introduction.

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3) Learn how simple it is to run a stock screen in this short video.
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5) Check out some new features now available in Chartsmart Version 5.0.
6) See how you can print to pdf charts 4 charts per page or 2 charts per page .

Chartsmart Features

  • Runs under all versions of Windows. Chartsmart will not work on a MAC operating system.
  • Includes US and Canadian ETFS. Select to screen them separately or even exclude ETFS from your screens.
  • Screen on fundamental variables like EPS growth, revenue, financial ratios.
  • Screen on technical indicators like Moving Avg crossovers, RSI, ADX, Stochastics, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Williams, ADX, and more.
  • Quite possibly the best end-of-day stock screening and charting tool available today covering Canadian and U.S. equities.
  • Chartsmart is an amazing screener for penny stocks! Screen for cash rich Canadian Junior penny stocks.
  • Customize your own screening formulas by selecting from 100's of variables. You can even create your own custom candlestick screens
  • Exclusive feature to Chartsmart! Screen the TREND on various indicators. e.g. Screen for all stocks where the RSI today>70, 5 days ago<40, and 10 days ago<30. You will find this feature in no other product.
  • Screen any combination of 150 industry groups.
  • Screen for stocks with stock splits/new listings and more.
  • Screen our candlestick chart patterns.
  • Run your screens then scroll through detailed OHLC or Candlestick charts. Arithmetic or Semi-log.
  • Plots fundamentals like revenue, cash, and inventory right on the charts. This is a unique feature because it enables you to see the change in price on the chart relative to earnings or revenue growth.
  • Create unlimited portfolios and watch lists.
  • Filter Arrow Alerts - red sell signal arrows and green buy signal arrows when various indicators occur such as MACD crossovers.
  • Use the internet to download end-of-day data in less than 1 minute. Then you can take your PC anywhere and do your analysis without being on-line.
  • Create a filtered list of symbols using Chartsmart then REFORMAT the symbology with Chartsmart to match other software you may be using. You can then import the symbols into your other software. For example, run a screen for stocks that have positive earnings and dividends over 3%, reformat the symbols, then import them into other software.
  • Export your end-of-day daily and historical stock data to popular file formats.
  • Chartsmart has been around for over 25 years and is a great product. If you need remote support to help install, or answer questions, email us and a technician can help you.

Start Your 30-Day Free Trial Today! Take The Video Tour and Learn More
Start Your 30-Day Free Trial Today! Take The Video Tour and Learn More

"ChartSmart is our main technical research tool at Stocks and Speculations. We use ChartSmart daily for everything from simple charting to the most robust and specific search and filter applications.

ChartSmart enables us to scan, sort, and classify thousands of companies in mere minutes and file our results for easy retrieval. Thank you for a great product. We wholeheartedly endorse and recommend ChartSmart."

Brian Fagan,
Editor and Publisher.

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