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Stock Screening Software and Stock Charting Software

There are many stock screening and stock charting tools on the web but none can match the flexibility and speed of Chartsmart. Use Chartsmart to screen, chart, and manage Canadian and U.S. securities. Chartsmart installs directly on your PC so screening is fast and your personal settings, filter sets, and watch lists are kept secure on your computer hard drive. Use the internet to download your daily end-of-day data updates, available at about 4:20 Pacific. Use our preset screens, or create your own, by combining fundamental and technical screening criteria. Screen out cash rich, high revenue growth stocks, at year lows, and breaking into uptrends, then scroll through the charts and save the ones you like to your personal watch lists. Start your 30 day free trial and download Chartsmart now. Email us at

A) Watch this video on screening dividends and EPS. (7.0 minutes)
B) You can also watch our detailed introductory video (41.15 minutes).
C) Watch this video with stock screening examples (8.25 minutes).
D) View this recent 2020 review done on Chartsmart by Warrior Trading.
E) Read this published Chartsmart interview by Stockhouse.

Here are some Chartsmart Features

  1. Chartsmart is absolutely free to try for a month. Download, install it, and try it with absolutely no-obligation whatsoever. Your email is not even required.
  2. Runs under all versions of Windows but not on a MAC Operating System.
  3. Includes NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, TSX, TSX VENTURE, and some OTCBB
  4. Screen on fundamental variables like EPS growth, revenue, financial ratios. Screen on technical indicators like Moving Avg crossovers, RSI, ADX, Stochastics, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Williams, ADX, and more.
  5. Chartsmart is an amazing screener for penny stocks! Screen for cash rich Canadian Junior penny stocks.
  6. Customize your own screening formulas by selecting from 100's of variables. You can even create your own custom candlestick screens
  7. Screen any combination of 150 industry groups.
  8. Screen for stocks with stock splits/new listings and more.
  9. Scroll through detailed OHLC or Candlestick charts. Arithmetic or Semi-log.
  10. Plots fundamentals like revenue, cash, and inventory right on the charts. This is a unique feature because it enables you to see the change in price on the chart relative to earnings or revenue growth.
  11. Create unlimited portfolios and watch lists.
  12. Filter Arrow Alerts - red sell signal arrows and green buy signal arrows when various indicators occur such as MACD crossovers.
  13. Create a filtered list of symbols using Chartsmart then REFORMAT the symbology with Chartsmart to match other software you may be using. You can then import the symbols into your other software. For example, run a screen for stocks that have positive earnings and dividends over 3%, reformat the symbols, then import them into other software.
  14. Export your end-of-day daily and historical stock data to popular file formats.
  15. Batch print charts to pdfs then email them or print them to a printer. Print all the stocks in your filtered list to pdfs thereby creating your own stock chartbook with Chartsmart! If you were to have 160 companies in your filtered list, you could print them, with all your custom indicators, to pdfs with 4 charts per page. Reset it to do for example print 2 charts per page (80 pages), or 1 chart chart per page (160 pages), and so on. If you wish to view samples click on


  16. Draw trendlines on 100 charts that you may be watching. Then run a screen on them to determine which ones have crossed the trendlines.
  17. We include prepared lists like the symbols for all US ETFS, CDN ETFS, or the symbols that are constituents of various Canadian and US INDEX groups. Screen stocks in these custom lists and then do further screens on them.
  18. Screen for popular indicator events such as setting the RSI14 over 70 or Bollinger Band Breakouts and so on.
  19. Combine your fundamental screens such as dividend growth, earnings growth, and so on with technical screens.
  20. Once you have created your own custom lists of say 175 stocks you are watching, you can use it as a template on which to do screens. For example you could specify the ones in your List that are near year lows. This might be 23 stocks which you can save in a new List.
  21. If you have multiple lists for example A with 240 stocks and B with 480 stocks, combine them and create a list of stocks common to them.
  22. Chartsmart has as many as 50 premade candlestick screens you can apply.
  23. You can customize virtually any screen. For example many software tools will allow you to say screen for RSI over 70 but how about over time. Specifically you might want to screen stocks where the RSI is going up fast and specify it is now over 80 but 5 days ago it was under 50 and 10 days ago it was under 30.
  24. Create your own screens for candlesticks. You could specify, for example, that todays high is within 5% of yesterdays low and yesterdays close is no more than 20% from the low of the range between the high and low of the previous day.
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"Chartsmart" is a registered trademark owned by Chartsmart Software Inc., Vancouver, B.C., Canada. For over 25 years Chartsmart has offered the stable and powerful Chartsmart platform to investors.


Hi, and Happy New Year. Thank-you for ChartSmart software! It made me a profitable investor and will enable me to retire from my dental practice when I am ready to retire. Thanks for all my early technical help in the proper use of ChartSmart. I would recommend it to all investors.

Congratulations to you and your team! I'm impressed! This is one of the most powerful, well thought out, and best priced systems out there. There are a few other indicators and tools I'd like to see but I understand this is a work in progress. Good work!

Just a short message to congratulate you on all you have achieved this year with Chartsmart - it's the greatest!

I figured that if I waited a day or two I would receive an email from you telling me what happened and what to do to fix it. Sure enough, you came through in your usual prompt fashion. I did what you instructed and everything is ok now.

I just wanted to let you know that I think your programs, data service and tech support are ALL first rate. The audio help is a fantastic idea. It's classroom instruction at my own computer. Thanks again.

You have done an outstanding job of improving ChartSmart and in upgrading your service for Y2K. The building process has been especially well done considering the many significant changes and substantial additions you made. I would recommend your service as an essential tool for any serious investor that wants to be well ahead of the market. You can quote me!

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