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Click below on DOWNLOAD THE FULL VERSION. In seconds you will have the Chartsmart setup file called csmart.exe. Once it is downloaded just click on it or run it, begin the setup, then you are ready in only seconds to start your 30 day free trial. You get everything to try for 30 days with no obligation. We do not request your email or require any payment whatsoever as other software providers often do.

Download ChartSmart Full Version

Download ChartSmart Full Version

When the setup is done, update your data as shown in this data downloading video. Learn screening from our videos. Daily data Updates are available at 4:30 pm Pacific Time. If you need prompt assistance email us at We can even remotely install Chartsmart for you. A big ChartSmart advantage is that the program, data, and your personal information reside on your hard drive giving you added security compared to web based software.

Read below while you download csmart.exe

Check out these Unique Screening Capabilities of Chartsmart while you download and install Chartsmart. There are so many screening features in Chartsmart so it can be a bit overwhelming but if you need any help, send us an email and a technician can set up a remote session to operate your computer while you watch, and answer your questions.

  1. Just to show the flexibility of Chartsmart screens, you can for example draw trendlines on 100 charts that you may be watching. Then run a screen on them to determine which ones have crossed the trendlines. We are unaware of any other software that can do this. This feature is just like technical analysts use to do years ago on chart books (P.S. Chartsmart years ago was the supplier of the famous red industrial and blue mining chartbooks).
  2. We include a number of prepared lists like the symbols for all US ETFS, CDN ETFS, or the symbols that are constituents of various Canadian and US INDEX groups. You can then select to screen stocks in these custom lists and then do further screens on them. If you have a list that you would like included in the software, let us know (i.e. Cannibas stocks)
  3. Of course there are the more common screens such as stocks having volume breakouts, prices near their year high or low, issued cap, and so on. You can mix and match technical and fundamental screens as you wish.
  4. Going further, there are many screens for popular indicator events such as setting the RSI14 over 70 or Bollinger Band Breakouts and so on.
  5. Combine your fundamental screens such as dividend growth, earnings growth, and so on with technical screens.
  6. Once you have created your own custom lists of say 175 stocks you are watching, you can use it as a template on which to do screens. For example you could specify the ones in your List that are near year lows. This might be 23 stocks which you can save in a new List.
  7. If you have multiple lists for example A with 240 stocks and B with 480 stocks, you can combine them and create a resulting list that has the stocks that are common between them.
  8. Chartsmart has as many as 50 premade candlestick screens you can apply.
  9. The previous examples are only the beginning. Now consider that you can customize virtually any screen. For example many software tools will allow you to say screen for RSI over 70 but how about over time. Specifically you might want to screen stocks where the RSI is going up fast and specify it is now over 80 but 5 days ago it was under 50 and 10 days ago it was under 30. Chartsmart includes backtest files which keep all previous screen values so you can create screens in a sense 3 dimensionaly. You can create them over time.
  10. You can also for example create your own screens for candlesticks. You could say for example that todays high is within 5% of yesterdays low and yesterdays close is no more than 20% from the low of the range between the high and low of the previous day.
  11. Screen out stocks with keywords in the news releases or headlines. For example, PRIVATE PLACEMENT or PLATINUM.
  12. The list goes on and on. Create unlimited screens with a virtual unlimited number of combinations limited only to your imagination. Then scroll through the charts that are generated by your screens placing the ones you like in new lists as you prefer. Chartsmart is an amazing screener and manager that helps you pin down and monitor the stocks on US and Canadian exchanges that meet your preferences.
  13. Under the SPECIAL tab in the filter menu you can screen out stocks that have had stock splits in any period you specify, then run further screens on the group. Going further you can do the same thing with new listings if you just want to screen them. Even specify that either the headline or content of a news release had a keyword like "Private Placement" and Chartsmart will screen out only those stocks.
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ChartSmart enables us to scan, sort, and classify thousands of companies in mere minutes and file our results for easy retrieval. Thank you for a great product. We wholeheartedly endorse and recommend ChartSmart."

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